Experience Monterosa

Dine at altitude in Alagna

The illuminated huts at Alpe Seewji and an amazing view over Valsesia.

Dining at 2.000 meters above sea level is an unforgettable experience. And not only for the tastes that you will find to amaze you!

The atmosphere of a mountain hut is warm and welcoming, and it will be pleasant to stay inside, when the evening breeze becomes cold. You will like to try the delights prepared by the kitchen, and to join them with a good wine. Local products are always appreciated and valued, but there is no shortage of gourmet proposals and original combinations.

However it is outside that you will find the real surprise, during the breaks between courses or at the end of the evening. Looking up at the sky you will feel like you have never seen so many stars! The silence will also surprise you, with the only sounds of nature. Water, wind and some wild animals.

You can contact the huts La Baita and Grande Halte refuges to get all the information and book your taste experience in the heart of Monte Rosa!

How to reach them? Lifts from Alagna are in service during the day, but in the evening they stop, with the exception of some particular event. You can ask the managers of the two huts the best solution for you, both for the way up and down, to return to the village.