Experience Monterosa


Are you novice skiers but don’t want to give up the magic that Monterosa can offer? No fear! Alagna is not only “Freeride Paradise”. The blue slopes, for beginners on the Alagna side of Monterosa Ski are two, running from Passo dei Salati, at 3030 m to Cimalegna lift station, at 2650 m of altitude. You can ski these simple slopes and have fun, without encountering challenging stretches. And here snow is guaranteed all winter!

Cimalegna slope

The blue track starts at an altitude of 3030 meters, from Passo dei Salati. It runs a height of 400 meters and a length of 1.533 meters, all in a breathtaking landscape. It is served by a new four-seater chairlift, fast, with coverage and panoramic.

Bodwitch slope

The Bodwitch slope takes its name from the lake nearby, located near two famous research centres: Angelo Mosso Scientific Institute and Col d’Olen Observatory. It is a variant of the Cimalegna track and starts as well from Passo dei Salati, with a total length of 560 meters.

Blue Wold slopes

Few minutes from the village, in the hamlet named Merletti, and more precisely in a little ski area named Wold, a ski lift serves two blue runs. It opens from the end of December to mid-March with varying dates depending on the snow conditions. This little place for beginners and kids is easily accessible by car or with the free shuttle service from the center and from the main parkings.