Experience Monterosa

A Picnic in Mera

Eating in nature is healthy and fun!

If you want to do it at Alpe di Mera, you will find three areas dedicated to picnics.

The first is located in the small Pro Loco playground. It is equipped with tables, benches and rubbish and close to the toilets. To reach it you will have to walk the central road of Mera, starting from the arrival of the chairlift. You will recognize it on the left, just beyond the church and the old Baita building.

The second area is located right on the lawn that surrounds the church of the Madonna della Neve. It has tables, benches, rubbish, toilets and a fountain with fresh water.

The third area is located at the intersection of the Baita and Primavera ski slopes. It’s equipped with tables and benches and among the three is the one which is most merged in the nature. For those unfamiliar with Mera, the position may seem little immediate to recognize, but it is actually really simple and beautiful! It’s indicated together with the other two in the maps distributed at the ticket office and in those displayed on the notice boards in the town.