Experience Monterosa

Mera by chairlift

Funny, panoramic, green!

Among the ways to reach Alpe di Mera in summer, the chairlift is certainly the most special. The red two-seater chairs are now a real icon of this village!

Choose to leave your car in Scopello at the departure of the lift, and embark for this strange journey that will take you from 707 meters up to 1.560 meters.

After a few minutes you’ll feel the well-being that nature gives. The noises of the village become more distant and are gradually replaced by those of the beech and fir forest that you will pass through. You will feel the wind, the animals, the flowing of the streams. And when you emerge from the trees.. the biggest surprise! You will find yourself suspended over Valsesia, with the small towns below you and a view of Monte Rosa that excites even those who have always admired it! The pointed bell towers and the roofs of the houses below, pastures and flowery meadows all around, as far as the eye can see. In front of you, if the sky is clear, you will even recognize the Alagna lifts and the Regina Margherita hut!

The journey takes about 20 minutes and ends right in the center of Mera, where you can start your adventure at high altitude!

Mera offers a wide playground, fa itness trail, a tennis court, paragliding, pedestrian and cycle routes, but also mountain huts and relaxation.

Choosing the chairlift also helps us to reduce the impact of cars on our nature, and to avoid the overcrowding of high-altitude car parks. The parking at the departure of the chair lift is wide and free! If you travel with your dog or want to transport bicycles and luggage for a long-term stay, don’t worry. All chairs are equipped with a bike hook and our staff will help you load it and bags or backpacks as well!

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