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From 14 Dec 2019 - to 02 Jun 2020

On Assignment, a wild life – Photos by Stefano Unterthiner

The exhibition presents an unprecedented project, the *pictures of a reportage by Stefano Unterthiner from 2006 to 2017 commissioned by National Geographic Magazine*. *77 pictures on display, divided into ten thematic sections*: penguin, Crozet; swan, Japan; langurs, India; Andean fauna, Chile; terns, Seychelles; varano Komodo, Indonesia; Alpine fauna, Italy; macaque, Indonesia; hawk naumanni, Italy; kangaroos,… View Article
From 11 Apr 2020 - to 11 Apr 2020

Batailles de moudzon (Heifer’s fight) SUSPENDED

The competitions in this “junior” category follow the same rules as the most famous batailles, but the steers do not yet have the strength, technique and experience of older cows.
From 25 Apr 2020 - to 25 Apr 2020

Bataille des reines

“Concours Batailles de Reines” elimination phase 9:00 am weighing of the Reines 12:30 pm fights begin
From 03 May 2020 - to 03 May 2020

Bataille des Chèvres (Goat fight)

The first edition of this unusual “bataille” was held in 1981, the year when some young breeders, true goat lovers, an animal which is actually quite combative, decided after their autumn descent from