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From 14 Dec 2019 - to 12 Jul 2020

On Assignment, a wild life – Photos by Stefano Unterthiner

The exhibition presents an unprecedented project, the *pictures of a reportage by Stefano Unterthiner from 2006 to 2017 commissioned by National Geographic Magazine*. *77 pictures on display, divided into ten thematic sections*: penguin, Crozet; swan, Japan; langurs, India; Andean fauna, Chile; terns, Seychelles; varano Komodo, Indonesia; Alpine fauna, Italy; macaque, Indonesia; hawk naumanni, Italy; kangaroos,… View Article
From 08 Feb 2020 - to 01 Nov 2020

PhotoAnsa 2019

PhotoAnsa gathers the *most significant images of the year* connected to the major recent events in Italy and worldwide, realized by the photographers of the agency. A more than hundred images’ select
From 05 Jul 2020 - to 05 Jul 2020

Second-Hand and Swap Street Market

This street market offers a series of regular opportunities for antique lovers to sell and exchange goods that hitherto may have lingered forgotten in attics or cellars. The market takes place along t