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} From 30 Sep 2022 - to 02 Oct 2022

Grape Festival

Traditional Grape Festival. This event is a meeting place for the numerous local producers, who compete for the prized “Grappolo d’Oro” (golden bunch).
} From 01 Oct 2022 - to 02 Oct 2022

Patronal feast

Welcome to the Patronal feast.
} From 06 Oct 2022 - to 09 Oct 2022

Chestnut Festival

The chestnut festival is held on the second Sunday in October – the one after the grape festival. The aim is to assess the chestnut, a typical local product. One kind of chestnut, the “donnasc”, ac
} From 08 Oct 2022 - to 09 Oct 2022

Marché au Fort – Food and wine event

The Marché au Fort is taking place once again in mid-October set in the charming medieval village of Bard, at the feet of the historic Fort. It is the most important and biggest food and wine event de