Discovering Pontboset!

Pontboset is a small village of 187 inhabitants, located halfway between Champorcher and Hône, about 800 m.s.l.

Its proximity to the valley floor makes it easily accessible in a few minutes by car and its geographical position, at low altitude, allows you to carry out numerous outdoor activities even in mid-seasons, when in the nearby town of Champorcher it is still too cold or there is it’s snow.

Have you ever heard of Kayak? the stretch of the Ayasse stream that crosses Pontboset is known for its extreme rapids and deep gorges. In summer, above all, you will be able to see enthusiasts and real professionals who are carried away by the currents of water. But beware: the practice of this practice is not allowed for beginners!

A decidedly more peaceful activity? The walk!
The more adventurous can start directly from Hône and go up the valley on foot to Pontboset, following the path of the Alta Via n.2. For a quieter walk, we recommend the 7-bridge walk, starting from the center of the town along the bridges that cross the Ayasse stream, including the historic stone bridge and the rope bridge.