Ostello La Cresta del Lupo

Set in the Parish House of Pontboset built in 1600, in a place where in the last century, it was visited by wolves in search of prey (this where the name comes from). The Ostello is the natural departure base for those wishing to walk along the Sei Ponti path or reach the Orrido di Ratus cascades. At the Cresta del Lupo we stop and listen, in a generous and solemn atmosphere, discarding everything that is superfluous in the understanding that it doesn’t take much to live well.

Web: https://www.ostellolacrestadellupo.it
E-mail: lacrestadellupo@gmail.com
Tel.: +39 339 2161708
Indirizzo: fraz. Pont Bozet 31 – Pontboset